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“Dan Graham had told me it wasn’t enough to be an artist in a studio... No, he said, artists have a responsibility to contribute to a bigger, more daring cultural dialogue. ‘Kim, you should write something...”
- Kim Gordon, Girl in a Band

Welcome back to Latent Images.

We only say “welcome back” because Latent Images has been a part of the Emerson community since 1989. A club dedicated to discussion of film criticism on campus, Latent Images published its own magazine and website until it lost traction in 2003. In the last seventeen years, so much has changed: digital cameras are now industry standard; Disney become a world conglomerate; and Blockbuster seems like an urban legend. What has not changed, however, is a need for intelligent film criticism. As filmmakers and consumers, we must continue to interrogate our medium. Why do we like it? What does it say about ourselves and our world? What is missing or not working here? These questions are evolving and multi-layered, and continue to beguile us seventeen years later.

Having an on-campus outlet to write and discuss this subject matter is just as important as learning the tools on set and in the lab. Latent Images is here to provide such a resource and help further expand our love of film. With this rebranding, we aim to bring the late-night dorm room rants, the conversations from a long walk back from the Coolidge or The Brattle to a public space, and dining hall arguments about auteurs to a shared online space. A mission of ours is to bring in the many talented voices of Emerson—and when we say Emerson, we mean all Emerson College students (and also some students outside of our institution!) Even though we may have a dedicated writing staff, all writings and art and voices are welcome and respected. Film, as a medium, possesses the transcendent ability to amass a community of lovers, fanatics and casual watchers of all stripes; here at Latent Images, we recognize this and embrace it.

So welcome back, it’s been a long time coming. There’s so much we need to catch up on!

— Latent Images Staff
Our Staff
Kenneth Cox - Editor

Kenneth is a co-editor and staff writer at Latent Images. Topics of interest include filmmaking in the digital age, the slow and surreal, 90’s character actresses, and Nicole Kidman’s assortment of wigs throughout the years — amongst other things. He would like to take this time to remind everyone that every year is another year that Carol can win best picture.

Matt Pifko - Editor
Self-proclaimed ‘genre geek’ Matt Pifko is the editor of Latent Images alongside Kenneth and a staff writer to boot! Matt is a former goth and current filmmaker prone to rants about Claire Denis and the Wachowski sisters’ genius. Matt can be found writing horror movie reviews, writing think-pieces on horror subgenres, and infrequently discussing the avant-garde.
Micah Levine - Treasurer & Staff Writer

Micah Levine knew that film would be his passion at the age of eight, when he watched James Cameron’s The Abyss for reasons he currently does not know. A sophomore at Emerson, he is the treasurer of Latent Images, as well as a featured staff writer. Micah also helps with operations at Films from the Margin, and produces/co-hosts an upcoming podcast breaking down box office statistics. Micah is known for his intense love of both John Cassavetes and Wet Hot American Summer. Finally, a man with taste.

Max Besser - Staff Writer
Max is a staff writer for Latent Images who spent too much time glued to the television when he should have been learning to socialize. Because of this, he has an extensive knowledge on cartoons and children's programming. This obsession with animation permeated into a film taste that mainly goes towards the surreal and experimental. It does not just help with writing for Latent Images, but also helps with programming for our partner organization ‘Films from the Margin’. Max can also be found walking at the esplanade and starting mosh pits in Allston basements. Whatever you do, avoid discussion of The Modern Lovers or ‘Czech New Wave’.
Annie Wojnarowski - Staff Writer

Being a sucker for formulaic rom-coms and anything Kelly Reichardt has ever directed, Annie contains multitudes. Besides being a staff writer for Latent Images, Annie is a filmmaker who finds inspiration in Kristen Stewart’s hair in Twilight: New Moon and Natasha Richardson’s breakdown in The Parent Trap.

Willa Shiomos - Web and Design Director

Willa is a fourth year at Northeastern University who spent part of her summer in quarantine coding this very website. She loves road movies, Todd Haynes, mumblecore, and obsessively ranking media. She is actively trying to convince everyone she's ever met to watch Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels. If anything is broken on this site, you should honestly contact her so she can fix it.

Questions? Comments? Hot takes? Drop us a line.